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SPECTRAA GLASS TECH PVT LTD is the young giant leading company for glass works designing with excellent repo with clients.
We always maintain the international standards in satisfying the customer requirement. we always endeavor to meet the customer criteria.
Every project is important and unique with the specialist team approach in SPECTRAA GLASS TECH PVT LTD. we assign a site engineer to manage your projects and to make sure we are up to the client’s goals.

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Glass wall partitions allow natural light to flow freely throughout the premises


Glass is a readily available and cost effective material. 


Sound insulation: 

One of the drawbacks of the open plan office model is noise – with everyone sharing the same open space, volume can be a problem, and some people just cannot work effectively with the distraction. 


Because glass office partitions are made in a modular fashion out of single glass panels, it is very easy to create different shaped spaces and configure the partitions in different ways.