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Shower Cubicles

Shower Cubicles

Shower enclosures are in great demand. These shower enclosures can be accommodated to fit in corner or to form a shower cubicle. They help you in keeping your bathroom clean, tidy and dry. Now, you can buy an amazing shower cabin in India easily. Our bathroom shower enclosure range is engineered with precision and can be customized in order to match the size and requirement of your bathroom space. You just need to tell us about your requirement and we will assist you with the best fit option, buying and installation to its service and maintenance.

Why Shower cubicles/enclosures?


Types of showers

Openable door: A normal bathroom of 5 feet width and 7 feet height, and if you have enough space for a door of 3 feet can be opened, then go for this type.

Sliding door: If your bathroom is of normal size bathroom but not enough space to get a door opened, then opt for a sliding door shower.

L Shape: If your bathroom is smaller than the normal size, you can go for a shower which is in L shape.

All the above types of showers can be framed showers as well. This will give a posher look for your bathroom.

If you are thinking of redesigning your bathroom, then contact us for a shower enclosure and get it done within a matter of hours.