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If you have a commercial or residential building and you want the exteriors to have a classy look, opt for glazing. This is a process of fixing glass panels into aluminium frames. They are also called curtain wall glazing. This can also be frameless. The main function of glazing is to provide safety and weather projections to its occupants.
Types Of Glazing

1. Structural Glazing
2. Stick Glazing
3. Semi Unitized Glazing
4. Spider Glazing
5. Unitized Glazing
  • Structural Glazing

    Structural Glazing can be simply defined as a continuous system of bonding of specialized glass to an aluminium frame using specialized silicone sealants. While technically any type of glass can be used in structural glazing, the types are carefully selected considering many factors that range from energy conservation to subsequent interior decorations. 

  • Stick Glazing

    Stick-type curtain wall glazing system is a type of Structural Glazing where the frame verticals or the mullions and the glass panels are erected and connected piece by piece. It is one of the oldest curtain wall types. The vertical mullions are attached first to the floor slabs and then the horizontal mullions are attached to the vertical ones.

  • Semi Unitized Glazing

    A semi-unitized curtain wall glazing system is a type of structural glazing where the primary structural framing components are erected individually as an erector set. In this set, the vertical mullions are attached first to the floor slabs and the horizontals are attached to the vertical mullions to resemble a grid. The glass panel and the spandrel, which can be either glass or aluminium are shop glazed and installed into the assembled grid work

  • Spider Glazing

    Developments in the field of architecture have enabled curtain wall systems with glasses that are bolted with plush stainless steel fixtures that provide for an uninterrupted view of the exterior and the interior. The stainless steel fixtures resemble a spider with legs and hence the name. These high-quality and high-grade stainless steel fixtures absorb almost all loads like weight of the glass.....

  • Unitized Glazing

    Unitized  Glazing are composed of large glass units that are created and glazed within a factory and then sent to the construction site. Since there is no on-site glazing, another major benefit of using a unitized system is the speed of installation

    The unitised panels can use any combination of profiles, infill’s, external feature caps and glazing to give building designers complete aesthetic flexibility